Sunday, February 20, 2011

How I Spend My Week Ends as an Aurthor For me, the week ends are used for organizing and regrouping. This week end is no exception. I reorganized my writing projects to make them flow better. I took a look at what I felt was working and what wasn't. Then I made the appropriate changes. Since many authors are self employed, it is the author's responsibility to self critique. I do this by self editing and then passing my work on to someone else to do more editing. and to keep a breast of the latest news affecting my chosen genre.

This is how I spend my week ends in order to make my work week flow better.

1) Catch up on reading. Read emails and other authors blogs that were missed during the week. Catch up on reading the e-zines and news items from the New York Times, Huff post, The Sun, and etc. Also try to finish up with whatever book I happen to be reading.
2) Research my writing project if needed.
3) Write blogs for the upcoming week, or at least list subjects of interest, set aside and write on them later if time is an issue
4) Tweak website if needed.

I guess you can tell I'm not a social butterfly. And if I was one, a lot of my work would go undone. But since my writing is my passion, I am in sort of a heaven when I have the peace and quiet to do what I need to do in a field that I love.
What about you?

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