Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Allison Pearson's NPR Interview I happened to have been listening to Fresh Air, on the national public radio station this afternoon when I was pleasantly surprised to hear Allison Person being interviewed. Just in case some of you don't know who Allison Pearson is, allow me the opportunity to introduce her to you. Allison Pearson is a British journalist who has received multiple awards in her field. She is also noted for her best selling book, I Don't Know How She Does it. The book was written in 2002, became a best seller, and was later made into a movie staring Sarah Jessica Parker. The story is about the everyday concerns of a working mother who is doing a balancing act between her work and her home life with her family.

She has a second book, I think I love you, which was written in 2010 and has gotten rave reviews. It tells a heart warming story of a teenage girl who is in love with David Cassity in the 1970s. Twenty years later she meets the man who was responsible for answering the letters for David Cassity.

I am impressed with Allison Pearson's creativity and writing skills. She is funny and believable. I am especially impressed after learning in the interview that she herself is a mother of two and wrote a lot of her material at 4 am while her children were safely sleeping in their beds. That takes sheer determination and dedication.

I don't believe you can have that kind of dedication without passion. In this case Passion is the difference between putting out great work, and just doing ok work. The lesson here is to stay passionate about your work. Take the extra steps to do what's required to put out that next great book.

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