Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Do You FindYour Muse?

Visit the Home of the Fightin’ Bookworms! Are you pasionate about your writing career and the work you are doing? Having passion when developing your work means the difference in putting out mediorce work and excellent work. So obviously we will all work in matters that we care deeply about right? Or will we?

Al Yankovic. 'Weird Al' as he is fondly called, (I think because he is a master of parity) is most famous for doing a parity of Michael Jackson's Beat It along with other songs, tv shows, and movies. I heard his interview this past week end. Yankovic is very funny and is well respected in his field, and won serval Grammies for his work. However, he did a U turn in establishing his career.

While in college 'Weitd Al' started working on the college radio station and discoved he loved working for the radio station far better than his actual major. So he followed his passion and swiched his career. He said he took the advice of his father who who told him "The only true signs of success is being able to make a living at doing the things that make you truly happy" Hence, he followed his passion, AND is making a nice living for himself.

I loved hearing him talk about his new children's book called,When I Grow Up He wrote it in funny rhymes which worked out very well. The lesson he left me with, is one I want to convey to you. How do you find your muse? To do this, first we need to know what our passion is, and simply (or not) follow our passion. I believe if your passion is writing (which I strongly suspect it is) you will be very successful because your passion will lead you to learn and then act on the things necessary in order for you to make a living from it. As 'Weird Al' Yanckovic put it,"Follow your muse".

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