Monday, March 14, 2011

National Poetry Month

I am amazed at all of the different types of days, weeks, and months our government acknowledges every year. Last week, March 6-12th was read an e-book week, and National Read Day was on March 2nd. This month (has nothing to do with reading or writing) is National woman's month. All of us women should congratulate ourselves for the progress we've made in our society over the years, especially since we won the right to vote.

Now putting all of that aside, I want to talk a little about National Poetry Month, which is next month. I plan to give several readings from my new bookMotiovational Poems for Weight Loss, Spiritual Growth and Everyday Use. I have three readings scheduled so far...two at different libraries, and one at a college campous in my area. Since I live a large metropolitan area, there are several towns with libraries and colleges where I hope to be able to do poetry readings. Hopefully this will be another great opportunity for people to get to know me, in addition for me to get to sell a few more books.

Hope all of you poetry lovers out there also have plans to read your poetry to appreciative audiances. What better time to do this than National Poetry Month?

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