Friday, March 4, 2011

Help Stay on Task With A Writing challenge

Visit the Home of the Fightin’ Bookworms! So today is March 4th...almost a week is gone into this month already. Where does the time go? Since it goes by much faster than what we realize sometimes, I help myself to stay on track with my writing projects by using the old and faithful tool... goal setting.

To help me to keep my eyes on the prize and make even more progress with my projects, I am now giving myself writing challenges. Let's say my goal may be to complete a writing project this month. But the challenge itself is to commit to working on my writing project every day for a certain length of time. This will prevent me from getting side tracked, delaying my work, and falling behind.

Why don't you join me in my writing challenge? Simply commit to working on your writing project for a certain amount of time per day (In my case, it is for at least 3 hours) but blogging, time spent on face book, twitter, and etc obviously will not count.

I believe this challenge will truly help you to move further along with your writing aspirations and will help to keep you on top of your game plan.

Join me?

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