Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to prevent a writer's block

Have you ever had a writer's block that may have lasted for a few painful weeks before you were finally able to work your way back into the swing of things? This type of situation happens all too often to many writers from time to time. A writer's block can be very stressful and may even last a few weeks or more. It can be very discouraging too, and can cause a writer's career to plummet into a long slump.

I have a plan to help prevent writer's block, or at least a plan to successfully fight against it. The next time any of you should get a writer's block, here are some good suggestions for you to do. Of course there is the obvious, as many have said before; exercise, and start in the middle of your work or work backwards. My suggestions are:
1- Make an outline of your writing project before you get started on it. I know that you've probably heard this before also, but I am convienced that the outline is essential. It will help you get from point a to point b. and should keep the flow of your work progressing nicely. You can always change the outline as it suits you.
2- Do a decent amount of research before you start your writing project. Make sure you have all the facts. A good writer will do this automatically. These days it is very easy to do via will give you the answers to everything you want.
3-Are you passionate about what you are writing? Without the passion, sometimes your writing efforts will be fruitless. When you are passionate about what you are writing, your work will show it.
4-your writing time should be uninterrupted and should be without distractions. This will lead to less mistakes and a far better finished product.

I hope these few suggestions will help you the next time you are faced with a writer's block. Actually, being passionate about what you are writing about is the answer to preventing a writer's block from ever coming to the surface in the first place.

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