Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hot Issues Cool Choices

'Hot Issues Cool choices’ is an award winning book written by author Sandra McLeod Humphrey. The book speaks on issues which negatively impacts school age children. In particular, it is a collection of short stories that speaks on bullying and other stressful situations which unfavorably affects the experiences of children throughout their school age years. I believe that children of all ages will find the contents of this book to enhance their daily lives. In addition, both parents and teachers will also benefit from the collection of short stories this book entails. It should encourage them to have frank conversations about the subjects that children perceive to be offensive to them.
‘Hot Issues Cool Choices’ has been selected for the Young Voices Foundation Award, Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence, and USA Book News, best book award winner. Sandra McLeod Humphrey is also the author of another wonderful book ‘If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do?’

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