Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poetic Insanity

Poetic Insanity , a fitting name for the tone of these poems presented. In total, a collection of 18 poems mostly noted in Rhyme form. I do like the fact that the author gives a wonderful summary of her life as a young teenager while struggling with bipolar disease prior to the actual poetry presentation. There is no doubt that you can hear the author's confusion and anguish she experienced through her poems. The poems all have thought provocking names that are certain to grab your attention. The best example of this is found in the poem: 'Simplify or Pacify'. In this poem, the author rattled off comments on the subjects of manic, irritability, anger, anxiety, depression, and hatred, then asked the question weather or not to simplify or pacify.
I also like the fact that the poems are all written in very short sentences, and most of them with very short stanzas as well which leads to better reading. In the poem: 'Temporary Breakdown', the author writes: "It comes and goes so quickly, but stings me to the core. Try to tell myself it's nothing, but I always end up worse than before. To you, it's just a simple routine, an act in a play of insanity. But every time it's just as real to me."
Perhaps the use of the word it's in this passage, instead of using the word its (no apostophe), would have been a better choice of grammer. However, I'm impressed with the the overall collection and expect that the author will do well with her poems. I advise the poems in 'Poetic Insanity' to be read by everyone who loves poetry.

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